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Top 5 Gato

2011-09-13 01:51:33 by ZaronX

So last week Artificial Nature hit the Top 5 on the Audio Portal. That's pretty sweet! And the song is faring surprisingly well even still.

I'd like to thank everyone that helped the song get there, and also thank the people who've been supporting it since! I'm not used to getting this much attention, never mind so much (mostly positive!) feedback, and it's quite wonderful.

I also made 35th overall in Ludum Dare 21 with my horrible pig shooting gallery, which is also pretty cool. I placed top 50 in almost half the categories overall, and peaked at 20th in Fun, which is kinda what matters the most anyway.

For anyone curious, the progress on the game is pictured here. It's pretty minimal as I am presently focusing on the tile set around Artificial Nature's intended setting, and also need to fix Darin's crappy selective outlining because wow I apparently just forgot what the hell I was doing there. Updates on the game will continue via my G+ and my site (where my LD entry is hosted), so feel free to follow along on the madness trail that is me trying to do something of worth while my tablet is broken.

Thanks again!

It Whistles While you Whip!

2010-12-07 01:27:42 by ZaronX

There's been a new Trapdoor video out for a couple weeks. (I've honestly not stated TDP here at all on Newgrounds, as I've not had a lot going on here in general, for which I'd apologize if anything were really being held back.) We've been fairly well-received, but not spreading so hot. This seems to be contributing to a number of things bumming out the group's masthead, which in this odd instance isn't me.

Cheer the lad up, if you could, and hit up the vid, leave some feedback, or a simple thumbs up/down. I think it would brighten his day quite a bit, as he's sunk a good amount of time and money into this en devour so far, and it's kind of his life dream or something to be in a successful sketch comedy group. GJ64 <- Click it.

We're still starting out and learning the ropes, but shall do our best to entertain you. c:

Commissions & Thanks

2010-04-07 18:02:19 by ZaronX

First off here quick, I'd like to draw attention to the fact I'm open for commissions. Newgrounds hasn't traditionally been the most favoring place towards my work as a whole, but in the event you're one of the supporters and want a little piece of personalized bliss, do feel free to check out my Commissions page for all the nitty-gritty details of what I can do and what it may run you. I can answer any questions here, via email, or however else one chooses to harass me, so pester away.

And on the note of pestering, I'd like to take a moment to give a hearty "thank you" to the people around here who give a damn. NG's full of 0-bombers and people who express their feelings of everything in two grammatically incorrect "words" or less, so to anyone that's given me an honest score, decent review, or dare I point out the few of you who favorite my work (or even me!), I'd just like to say it's greatly appreciated. : )

A legit review can help an artist get better at what they do. Tell them what you like and what you don't. Even if they don't agree with you, they're still probably going to appreciate it more than "that sux" or even "wow u rock!" Because if someone can't be assed to press the shift key or type out "you" then they're probably not the undisputed authority on what is and is not quality craftsmanship to begin with, yes?

So yes. Thanks to all of the people who've actually left a decent response or other form of feedback for me. I appreciate all of them, even if I don't always agree with them (Sharet's eyes are huge on purpose, dammit! But I'll see what I can do), so keep them coming! : )

- Zar

Oi. Okay.

Well, my song Mysterious Dark sat on top of the video game charts for a bit, somehow. o3o This is no longer the case at all but it still sits about my average score range by a bit, and anything over a four makes me happy... It already has more votes than my first song has gotten in it's entire lifespan, so that's cool, but I'm kinda sad to see its run end at this point. I do love attention so.

i need to make something that's not crap. i want to make music really bad lately but the only way I seem to get anything decent out is digging into my old stuff and touching it up...


2008-02-25 21:20:56 by ZaronX

Well, I want a news post. Plain and simple. Because i can.

Anyway, I've started putting some stuff into the Audio Portal. Do give it a listen if you feel so inclined. (Who's going to read this? Really?) There's presently two songs. My newest seems to be a little less well-received, but that doesn't break my heart much as I have to make them all in one sitting until I can, you know, afford FL. I'm not expecting to be the greatest in the portal with a handicap like that in the least.

Anyway, for anyone still around who cares about my Flash, I do still do things, it's just rare they get past storyboarding and such. I'm bad about that. I'll see about getting the random skits done one day, at least. those are quick and usually pretty fun.