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Creator of the comics Trelldain, Lonely Hooves & Witches' Thralls. Illustrator of cute monster gals, and occasional musician. I consider myself a storyteller, but I think the jury's still out on that one.

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Dusting It Off

Posted by ZaronX - June 5th, 2019

So hey I haven't checked in here in about a thousand years. Let's dust off the ol' Newgrounds account!

As a refresher for anyone who followed me back when I did things (approximately the dawn of civilization), I'm Zaron! (I also go by Ketirz now. I'll get to that.) In ye olden days I primarily posted audio submissions while learning the ins and outs of FL Studio, and then when the art portal launched I would sometimes poke it with a stick. While I've been pretty active elsewhere, at the time Newgrounds pretty much required Creative Commons for everything outside of the Flash portal and I grew increasingly selective about that entire thing. Looking around now, that seems to be markedly less the case, so now I can post here again and be like "I own things!!" still, which is pretty appealing if you're the sort of person who's trying to be creative for a living.

A couple years back I started my alternate moniker, Ketirz, so I could separate my horrible smut filth efforts from the more innocent work I do, because apparently I have very little middle ground in my head between "PG My Little Pony fanfiction because I can" and "[REDACTED BECAUSE TOO HORNY FOR GENERAL POSTING] BECAUSE I CAAAAAN!!" I set up some accounts for this over on the birdsite and that Tumblr place, but then Tumblr decided it doesn't like boobies because think of the children and also some other dumb reasons, and like who needs that shit? And now that NG allows me to post art for reasons besides letting folks slap it into their Flash submissions, I can even continue to shill my Patreon like a heartless, hungry monster! So, while delayed, I guess consider me part of that exodus, which I'm sure nobody is sick of or bitter about around here at all! :D

(jk I've seen how fierce y'all can get. Fortunately, I dwelled here heavily for years and am well versed in what kind of weird abuse Newgrounds randos can fart out sometimes. My most recent audio review claims I gave them ear-AIDS. Some of this shit is so try-hard edgelord that I can't even be bothered by it lol)

Anyway I hope y'all like my new stuff, and mmmmayyybe make sure that your feed filters are set right if you don't wanna see anything fucky involving monster girls and/or cat people. It won't be horribly often, but it won't be never. Just a warning!

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Oh wow! How coincidental! I was only just looking for where I could continue reading Hamstapowah, or Shadows Over Trelldain as apparently it's now called. I could only find it on the old comicgenesis site, as http://www.hamstapowah.com/ got bought by some Chinese site. I mean I think you've stopped making those, but I was just curious where I could find the newer comics. Thanks!

Yeah, I lost the Trelldain domains earlier this year. I wasn't able to justify renewing everything with where we've been at financially at all. HP's been dead for ages, though, and I'm always surprised when someone comes out of the woodwork who enjoyed it. Certain aspects of it aged very poorly with me, and the whole affair'd gotten incredibly bloated to the point that I not only didn't think I'd ever be able to finish it, but that I'd likely croak of old age before even finishing the first act, which is.... not great?? Not a great place to be mentally, at least. I might return to it someday, but it'll look markedly different once I do.

In the meantime, I've got a couple running stories that are a fair bit more manageable. The headliner presently is Lonely Hooves, provided you don't mind the MLP framework, which I've got linked in my profile. I'm also working on an 18+ work with Thralls, which is what Nyx here in my ava is from, but only the first couple pages are out so far so you'll have to meander over to my Twitter or DA to find those for now. If you enjoyed my old stuff, you'll hopefully find something to enjoy in either of those! :)