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Heard the song on the audio portal, wandered over here and oops here it was again, darn that's too bad. :P This is a lot of fun!

The animation's solid, but the core joke just.... is not funny at all, sorry. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be laughing at the idea of Godzilla being some dorky loser or the extreme reactions everyone seems to have exclusively to him wearing glasses for no conceivable reason, but either way it just doesn't land for me. Truth told, the funniest thing in this is the lady in the monster suit existing.

It's sort of a shame that this much effort went into a dead end script. The art and animation would go so much further if they were just supported with some decent writing.

Animated well enough, but how did I know the first thing I've bothered to click on Newgrounds in over a year would somehow involve both feces and vomit? I guess some things never change.

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A bit easy (I never once used or felt pressured TO use an EMP, and went all-in on the offensive options), but enjoyable for what it is. This could pretty easily go on semi-endlessly I think, but having an end goal helps keep it focused and polished.

Not bad.

Mechanically and aesthetically fine but I responded to death by audibly grumbling "oh, fuck off" a few too many times to say I was having a good time before calling it somewhere in level 2. Maybe I'm just too tired for this shit but the combination of the timer making me want to hurry and the utter lack of forgiveness of being booted back to the start of the stage after every slight fuck-up really wore on me very quickly.

Not bad, could use some polish. Enemies will sometimes spawn directly on top of you with no real warning or mercy, and some indicator of when a powerup spawns off-screen might be nice and serve to tempt the player into danger. a visual warning or cooldown for the big invincibility murder attack coming to an end would likewise be pretty nice. Little things, mostly.

The perspective kind of throws me a bit and some of the hitboxes are kind of unintuitive (ie. aiming for flying enemies' shadows instead of the big obvious sprites) but there's a solid foundation here.

ByEthanFox responds:


The power-ups *have* an effect - it's a lightning bolt/thunder sound (they spawn with a lightning strike) but what I'm taking away from this is that the effect gets lost in the mix, so I'll have to look for something better. Ditto the attack power-down, there's a rising tone but again, it must get lost in the mix.

The perspective thing, similarly, I'll see what I can do. It has to do with how the mode-7 style visual work, but it might be possble to adjust.

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It's certainly an interesting mix of elements, and I like it a lot more than I expect to when I see Dubstep listed as the song genre. I do find myself wishing it evolved somehow, though, like with some added instrumentation or melody work thrown into the back half to keep things fresh. Granted, if my main complaint is "I wish there were more of it," then you aren't doing half bad.

Lucozire responds:

Thank you, this really means a lot. I was fairly suprised how nice of a combination these two elements worked together. But here I am with a really short dubstep track, I might extend it in the future but as of right now I am not sure.

I checked out the whole EP, and this is easily my favorite of the bunch. The chiptune elements really help elevate it into something attention-grabbing, and there's enough layering and such to keep that interest curve up. It really stood out to me among the lot (though honorable mention goes to The God's Creation).

Pretty solid stuff, especially considering the time constraints. Well done!

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Oh Yes.

I'm SUPER jolly!! 8D

Oh snaps!

She gon' eat you! : O

ErikMcClure responds:


Pretty neat

The wings are pretty spiff, in particular. : o

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