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Heard the song on the audio portal, wandered over here and oops here it was again, darn that's too bad. :P This is a lot of fun!

The animation's solid, but the core joke just.... is not funny at all, sorry. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be laughing at the idea of Godzilla being some dorky loser or the extreme reactions everyone seems to have exclusively to him wearing glasses for no conceivable reason, but either way it just doesn't land for me. Truth told, the funniest thing in this is the lady in the monster suit existing.

It's sort of a shame that this much effort went into a dead end script. The art and animation would go so much further if they were just supported with some decent writing.

Animated well enough, but how did I know the first thing I've bothered to click on Newgrounds in over a year would somehow involve both feces and vomit? I guess some things never change.

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It's a solid start. The groundwork's here and everything seems on-point, but there's not a whole lot here.

I'd love to see the view zoom out a bit at high speeds so something like the glider would even be feasible to use and get anything with; as is, I feel like I'm working half-blind and it's not really worth the item cost. Upgrades for something like orb grab range could also help, but in its present state this is really a grind to get anywhere. I finished the demo with nothing upgraded past level 2, and I didn't feel particularly inclined to keep pushing.

Some reward for distance or an orb/item bonus for clearing goals would be a nice touch, and perhaps a little more going on in the game itself. A lot of these sorts of games have obstacles and helpers scattered around the playfield that add a little dynamism to the experience, and you could potentially work that into an upgrade / unlock progression as well to help keep things a little fresher.

I hope you keep going with this and turn it into something special!

A little basic...

The board was sparse and half the game window's space is taken up by Sonic and Tails just standing there. The bonus boards and single-slot slot machine are nice touches, but don't do much to justify how open and empty the layout is. The collision is largely passable, but the flippers don't seem to hold any power to them, and there's a visible delay between when they flip up and the ball gets going with barely any speed. With the bumpers helping out it's not as obvious, but in the bonus rooms it's a glaring fault that makes getting the ball up past the bottom third of the board feel like dumb luck simply because unless it hits the top of one of the lower bumpers it's not going to get any higher.

simply put, what you have here is a foundation, and while I've seen you saying Flash couldn't handle much more, I've been having terrible lagging issues due to some Firefox bug or other that's been going on and it's about the first thing that's run decently for me on this site in a week. I don't know how you're handling your collision logic, but there shouldn't be enough here to slow things down by even a remote stretch, even for Flash. :/

And, on a more minor offense, while I had no trouble finding the music and ball options, the fact I couldn't hear the chosen audio until I started the board authentically irked me. Your menu is bizarrely silent, and no harm could come from it playing a little something something.

The physics are decent save the flipper collision, and this doesn't feel like a lost cause, just very aimless. Give the board more, or make the space it consumes less, maybe add some rollovers or an orbit shot, something. If you're already having issues keeping the game running smoothly a ramp or two is probably out of the question as then you have to handle layering, but I find it hard to believe more couldn't get into this. :/


The game seems a bit long for something with half the medals revolving around beating the thing and no save feature. While the gameplay isn't bad, most of the enemies don't seem to do that much so the variety seems almost purely cosmetic, and I found myself frequently annoyed by having one enemy left on screen, forcing myself to give up a spike for it or some such thing, and then having another enemy or two pop up immediately after. It's not like i wasn't waiting for that to happen, either. Why can't the enemies spawn steadily over the course of a wave? Would help this thing's pace a lot.

As is, dull at the beginning, only moderately better at the end. That medal for full spikes seems a bit outlandish considering most of mine were lost by the bosses ramming into them. A couple more layers of strategy and a better pace could have helped this a lot. It's not bad, but it's not particularly good, either.

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I checked out the whole EP, and this is easily my favorite of the bunch. The chiptune elements really help elevate it into something attention-grabbing, and there's enough layering and such to keep that interest curve up. It really stood out to me among the lot (though honorable mention goes to The God's Creation).

Pretty solid stuff, especially considering the time constraints. Well done!

Ambient and peaceful in a real nice way. It's borderline magical to me whenever someone manages to make something glitchy while keeping things zen. The guitars are a simple but very appreciated touch.

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Oh Yes.

I'm SUPER jolly!! 8D

Pretty neat

The wings are pretty spiff, in particular. : o

Creator of the comics Trelldain, Lonely Hooves & Witches' Thralls. Illustrator of cute monster gals, and occasional musician. I consider myself a storyteller, but I think the jury's still out on that one.

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