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I checked out the whole EP, and this is easily my favorite of the bunch. The chiptune elements really help elevate it into something attention-grabbing, and there's enough layering and such to keep that interest curve up. It really stood out to me among the lot (though honorable mention goes to The God's Creation).

Pretty solid stuff, especially considering the time constraints. Well done!

Ambient and peaceful in a real nice way. It's borderline magical to me whenever someone manages to make something glitchy while keeping things zen. The guitars are a simple but very appreciated touch.

This feels.... kinda haphazard. On my first pass it felt like going from the bassline to the synth around the 30 second mark gave me some sort of whiplash. I gave it a second listen to check that; while the bass is deep enough that I actually struggle to make much of it out, what I can pick up prepares me for a completely different key than I end up getting once the synths come in. So that's interesting.

Even ignoring that, though, most of this just feels like different layers being thrown on top of each other like some sort of sound lasagna, but within that metaphor there doesn't seem to be much consideration for how the individual flavors work together beyond sounding electro. While I expect a level of dissonance in something titled "The Glorious Culling," not a lot here feels like it actually fits together.

That all said, whatever sound kicks in around the 2:30 mark is easily the high point of the whole affair. It broke up the noise with a more melodic center, while still adhering to the chaos of it all. I don't think it could carry an entire song on its own, especially as the fairly brief and simple loops that it and most of the other layers seem to be composed of, but it is a point of interest in that, in those fleeting moments, things sort of come together.

Entrancing. Best version of this I've heard since the original.

The piano is a nice addition that blends in with the rest of the track perfectly, and the rest of your changes are fairly subtle but leave enough impact to set this apart and classify it as a true remix while still maintaining most of what made the source material so strong. The synths used blend in wonderfully and work with the beat to make this track entrancing and beautiful.

You say you're new at this? Keep it up! You've got a strong sense for this sort of thing, obviously, and it'll be interesting to see how far you can take it.

Well done for the most part, but a little repetitive, and I can't really get over that the most repeated bit is basically Zelda's Lullaby with the last measure or so changed up. The instrumentation is solid, tho, and the only other thing that stood out was one of the brass notes sounded a bit too dissonant.

papkee responds:

Wow, I've never even heard Zelda's lullaby but you're right. That's a bit crazy. Also, that brass note was not there when I wrote it, and like I said before my drivers were so messed up I couldn't even tell.

Upbeat and a lot of fun. c: I don't have a whole lot to say on this one besides that. Keep up the good work!

I need to keep an eye on you more. So far you're the only person I've found who can make a decent song out of a Pokémon remix, for one, and that seems to take absurd talent, but aside from that your takes on the songs are interesting enough that I... really need to look into your other work. I like your style.

Only complaint on this one is the synth gets a bit annoying briefly near the end. The DnB is a bit liquid, which I dig, and the elements all get along really well. The use of panning and some lighlty dub elements to the bass (the latter being very easy to overdo) give the impression of a lot of time and care having been put into this, and it shows. Whether or not it's your first DnB attempt is irrelevant; you do good stuff, and the fact this has a score under 3 actively pisses me off.

Looking forward to what you bring out in the future. :)

Decent! It's rather repetitive in the middle, but the atmosphere is really chill compared to the source material, and you do some interesting things with it. Love most of the synth choices, too, as they lend themselves well to where you took things.

O: <3

I used to think the only other vocalist on Newgrounds who could compete with you was Hania.

I don't think that anymore. You win. You win all the things. <3

VGSongbird responds:

WOW. Thank You :D

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