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Heard the song on the audio portal, wandered over here and oops here it was again, darn that's too bad. :P This is a lot of fun!

The animation's solid, but the core joke just.... is not funny at all, sorry. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be laughing at the idea of Godzilla being some dorky loser or the extreme reactions everyone seems to have exclusively to him wearing glasses for no conceivable reason, but either way it just doesn't land for me. Truth told, the funniest thing in this is the lady in the monster suit existing.

It's sort of a shame that this much effort went into a dead end script. The art and animation would go so much further if they were just supported with some decent writing.

Animated well enough, but how did I know the first thing I've bothered to click on Newgrounds in over a year would somehow involve both feces and vomit? I guess some things never change.


The biggest complaint I can come up with is that sometimes his moustache got a little TOO big when he talked, and it seemed to be a bit slow at points, especially the start, but in the end i laughed far more than was likely warranted and have decided I will henceforth be disappointed every time my saying the word "MONEY" doesn't cause something to explode.

Added to faves, sir, as it gave me the chortles.

CaseyAnimates responds:

Glad you had chortles, old chum!


Back in the days of Weebl and Bob and Mr. Stabby and all that I never would've guessed you'd come so far in making things awesome in so many ways. the cherry blossom stuff was pretty neat, and the elevator shot wowed me. You've come a long way from a couple eggs hobbling about, sir, and while this isn't my favorite song you've ever done, it's well composed and accompanies some of the best animation I've seen this side of There She Is.

Keep kicking ass, Weebl. Keep kicking ass.


The animation was above the Lazor par, but you've missed why the lazors are funny to begin with - it's not just the whole firing of the thing, but the unpredictability and timing. While this is a fair start, I was never surprised at the outcome, and the best of the bunch was the guy blowing up the moon, because that was at least different enough that I didn't expect it.

Try getting a little wittier with it. Maybe it wasn't the most hilarious ever, but the Lazor Collab did at least do some creative things - the bird and concert scenes come to mind, not because they're going to make everybody laugh (though the concert certainly did for me), but because as best I know it hadn't been done that way before. Two people talking, one asking a question, and the other responding with "BWAAARGH!!" has, on the other hand, been done about a million times.

So, yes, good starting point, but I wouldn't go making fun of other lazor flashes just yet. .-.

this is...

I've seen like four of these now. Honestly, I keep wondering how they're not easy blam points for me, too.

I'm gonna be honest - the first time I saw a Fancy Dog, I thought the intro was spiffy. Then the rest came. then my hopes were shattered. In this specific case, my hopes were shattered by crudely tweened stick figures, a crap joke, the pretty much every-episode "guy who thinks it's funny to make his part of the collab be his lack of a part in the collab," and a fourth thing that was so bad I've apparently blocked it out of my memory.

How to go about this...?

You guys are up to 11 episodes, of which I've bothered to watch almost half, if only because I'm an evil portal crawling voter. Fancy Dog seems like something that could be interesting if you bothered to make it so, instead of collaborating to see how bad something could get and still get it passed. Put a similar amount of effort into the rest of the Flash as you do into the intro, come up with a decent plot, and work your weird poop jokes into it if you absolutely must.

It's a dog in a top hat and mustache. Come on. That screams potential, the sort of thing the internet would adore, and obviously somebody does to keep passing this stuff regardless of how low quality it is. make Fancy Dog live up to his name, and do something fancy. Odds are I'll catch it and be pleasantly surprised.

BobtehLog responds:

Just a fun fact, there are afew proper Fancy Dog specials that i'm working on. One of them is for Halloween so I hope you'll be around to see that. Check my profile news page or whatever you want to call it to read more about it.


Entertaining though it may be, it's more of a YTMND thing, especially considering I don't think you made a single part of this. A dancing GIF and a song do not a Flash movie make. .-. Even if said song is as entertaining and bouncy as this one.

Good ending

I was expecting more boogeying and was a bit saddened by the lack of it and all the silent spots, but the ending completely redeemed this one. I was expecting mroe dancing, and yet no, I got a nice twist I didn't see coming, paired with what I assume is a crazy person laughing. And I cannot complain about that.

MidoriEyes responds:

That's good! XD I like surprising twists too. I do admit that there wasn't as much dancing in this as I should have put in, but next time I make a dancing flash I'll be sure to redeem myself! XD Thanks for your criticism!

Yay cottoneye Joe, buuuuut...

While I do enjoy a strange fusion of country and dance music that was the only song anyone danced to at my winter formal, that doesn't save this from being another group too lacking in creativity to come up with their own thing. Look, Clock Crew is all well and good, but why does everyone have to rip off their iconic "eyes" and digitized voice clips? them doing it was creative - everyone copying them is... well, it's just copying them.

No offense, but I ain't joinin' CD any time soon.

OrangeCD responds:

O.K. of course you love Cotteneyed Joe, everyone does! The iconic eyes is just soemthing all groups must do. Except the SS and KK for some reason. And the digitized voices are because not everyone owns a mic.

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