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Entry #5

Top 5 Gato

2011-09-13 01:51:33 by ZaronX

So last week Artificial Nature hit the Top 5 on the Audio Portal. That's pretty sweet! And the song is faring surprisingly well even still.

I'd like to thank everyone that helped the song get there, and also thank the people who've been supporting it since! I'm not used to getting this much attention, never mind so much (mostly positive!) feedback, and it's quite wonderful.

I also made 35th overall in Ludum Dare 21 with my horrible pig shooting gallery, which is also pretty cool. I placed top 50 in almost half the categories overall, and peaked at 20th in Fun, which is kinda what matters the most anyway.

For anyone curious, the progress on the game is pictured here. It's pretty minimal as I am presently focusing on the tile set around Artificial Nature's intended setting, and also need to fix Darin's crappy selective outlining because wow I apparently just forgot what the hell I was doing there. Updates on the game will continue via my G+ and my site (where my LD entry is hosted), so feel free to follow along on the madness trail that is me trying to do something of worth while my tablet is broken.

Thanks again!


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2011-09-17 15:12:53

love artificial nature keep up the beats:D